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If your business travel management currently depends on a solution offered by the historical players in professional travel, then it is very likely that your employees are not really satisfied. They probably prefer to make reservations elsewhere. As for your accounting teams, they have never really succeeded in linking expenses to reservations, for lack of clear invoicing.

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The professional travel agency Supertripper supports you in optimizing your business trips by providing you with a complete solution, which will facilitate the daily life of your travelers, as well as that of your financial department, in particular thanks to an irreproachable customer service, but also, thanks to the development of tailor-made tools and connections for an irreproachable user experience.

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A complete single platform to book all professional travel for large companies

Supertripper has designed an easy-to-use online reservation platform for you, bringing together a complete range of suppliers. Via our professional travel management tool, your employees will be able to book all the services necessary for a successful business trip (train tickets, flights, hotel rooms, taxi transfers, car rentals) from a global offer proposed by the leaders booking such as, Expedia, SNCF, Thalys, Trainline, AVIS, Sixt… and more than 300 airlines, including low cost companies in particular.

No more open bookings! Thanks to the ease of booking and the completeness of the Supertripper offer, you are guaranteed to obtain a maximum adoption rate of the solution within your company.

Thanks to our numerous partnerships, you not only benefit from advantageous rates, but in addition, we can integrate your negotiated rates directly into our booking platform.

Tailor-made travel insurance tailored to the needs of large companies

Your employees want to be able to travel lightly. In the event of an unforeseen event, they want to have access to a precise procedure and a simple solution.
Since the beginning of 2021, Supertripper has been approved by ORIAS and thanks to this special status, our agency dedicated to professional travel is able to offer a range of travel insurance for serene business trips.

  1. SuperFlex allows you to cancel your plane tickets if necessary, up to 24 hours before your departure time. This insurance works regardless of the reason for canceling the flight.

  2. SuperCare is a comprehensive insurance policy specially designed for business travelers by Supertripper, in partnership with Europe Assistance to meet a growing need for security.
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A simple pro travel booking process for all teams, without ever losing control

Keep control of your travel expenses thanks to customizable travel policies and a digital validation system. Through this automated supervision, you will allow your employees to enjoy more autonomy, without having to impose a cumbersome control procedure.

Travel policies may or may not allow the reservation of certain classes of transportation, may limit the maximum budgets allowed for certain types of trips or accommodation reservations. These policies can be configured by city as well as by country, and can be assigned to one or more people.

The validation circuit will give the possibility of transferring the control and confirmation of reservations to the direct managers of your employees, thus making it possible to occasionally authorize reservations outside of the established travel policy.

Personalized support for your change of business travel management solution

The satisfaction of your employees, about the use of our professional travel management platform, is the key that will allow the centralization of all your reservations in one place. This is the essential element to put an end to open bookings.

We therefore provide you with a team of business travel specialists to support your employees in the transition to our travel management solution and ensure full adoption of the tool by your teams.
For a quick start, you can count on our account managers to offer personalized training to each team in your organization. Additional training sessions can be scheduled to help your new employees.

Finally, to support your business travelers on a daily basis, our customer service team, based in France, is available 24/7, by chat, over the phone, or by email.

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Optimize business travel costs with access to real-time reporting

On our business travel and travel expense management platform, you have access to a report summarizing all expenses by item, billing entity and date. By easily following the evolution of travel expenses (via these detailed reports), you keep control of your budget and you can make real savings, from the first month.
In addition, Supertripper’s travel experts regularly carry out detailed business reviews for our clients to help them identify areas for improvement and offer them concrete measures to optimize their expenses related to business travel.

Contribute to carbon neutrality for the CO2 emissions linked to your company's business trips

To provide you with an ever more comprehensive service, Supertripper has partnered with the GoodPlanet Foundation to enable companies like yours to contribute to carbon neutrality for greenhouse gas emissions linked to business travel. This climate contribution is made in just a few clicks, at the time of booking. In return, you will receive via Supertripper your certificate attesting to your commitment issued by the GoodPlanet Foundation. Supertripper naturally does not receive any commission on the amounts donated.
You can find all this information from your online reporting space.

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Improve finance team productivity with on-demand ERP connectivity

In order to best support large companies in changing their business travel management solution, Supertripper’s technical team is able to offer personalized IT developments. For example, to establish a connection to HR software or an ERP that is not yet referenced by Supertripper. We also have the possibility of supporting you on more advanced projects to solve a problem specific to your activity or your industry.

Our business travel management solution is therefore complete and fully adapts to the precise needs of your business.