Travel agency specializing in the management of business trips for SMEs

The optimization of business travel management for SMEs is often relegated to the background, for lack of time, but also because of the complexity of the solutions proposed by the historical players. The professional travel agency Supertripper has created a turnkey solution for you to help you manage your trips more easily.

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A unique platform for the management of business trips for SMEs and mid-cap companies

As an SME, the digitalization of business travel reservation processes is the key to allowing your HR, administrative and accounting teams to focus on high added value tasks.
Supertripper has created a simple business travel management solution to empower all employees of an SME, as well as a clearly defined travel booking framework. Our ergonomic platform has been designed to avoid any type of heaviness or complexity.

Indeed, Supertripper offers the possibility of easily booking all the services necessary for a successful business trip, and is based on a global offer provided, thanks to our partnerships with leaders in business tourism.

All future or completed reservations are accessible at any time and in real time on our professional travel management tool.

Easy booking management for SMEs thanks to controlled autonomy

The Supertripper platform allows you to keep control over your travel expenses, thanks to customizable travel policies and a validation system that you can adapt to your corporate culture.

The travel policies that you define allow you to authorize or not authorize certain types of reservations, and to limit the maximum budgets for certain journeys or accommodations. These limits can be configured by city as well as by country. It can be fixed for each employee of the company. In all circumstances, you keep control of expenses in terms of the travel budget.

The validation circuit will give the possibility of transferring the control and validation of reservations to the direct managers of each team. Reservations outside the established travel policy may also be authorized from time to time.

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The business model of transparent business travel, to the advantage of SMEs

Maybe your business, like many other small and medium-sized businesses, is subject to variable economic cycles? To adapt to your needs and challenges, our business travel agency has adopted a fairer and more transparent economic model. This is a monthly subscription billed only if the user books at least one service during the month. By adopting this compensation model, we are choosing to support our clients 100% in the growth of their activity. With Supertripper, say goodbye to hidden fees, ticket issuance fees and unjustifiable commissions.

With the many partnerships that we have established, you benefit from negotiated rates and exclusive advantages that you can enjoy all over the world!

Single and clear bi-monthly billing for business travel for SMEs

To always go further in our process of transparency (which SMEs increasingly need) the invoicing of your business trips is simple and clear. As a Supertripper customer, you receive two invoices each month listing all the services reserved.

Details of the travel reservations made are attached to each invoice and are available at any time on our professional travel management platform. To best match cost accounting, Supertripper allows the allocation of expenses by cost center (department, subsidiary, entity, etc.) and the use of tags for easier accounting reconciliation. And if there is a need for re-invoicing, it is also possible to export unit receipts.

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A business travel agency that supports SMEs for an irreproachable user experience

Your employees’ adherence to our professional travel management tool (and therefore compliance with the procedure imposed for booking each business trip) is necessary if you want to avoid misplaced expense reports and untracked expenses.
To achieve a high adoption rate among your teams, we have created an intuitive platform. In addition, we offer full support, thanks to a dedicated account manager,
to allow a rapid implementation and deployment in just a few days of Supertripper, so that all your employees can make their reservations as quickly as possible. Your appointed account manager will take care of:

  • ensure optimal handling of the tool
  • to validate the correct configuration of the accounts
  • to offer individual or team training sessions.

In addition, our customer support, based in France, is available by phone, chat or email to support business travelers at all times, 24/7.

A professional travel management tool that adapts to the organization and corporate culture of SMEs

Supertripper is a hybrid solution, which brings together both a technological tool and a team of business travel experts. The travel expenses reservation and management platform can be configured according to your needs and adapts perfectly to the organization you want to perpetuate.

Would you prefer to promote autonomy, or to centralize the management of reservations with a key person? Whatever expenditure control rules you adopt and the types and class of transport you prefer to authorize, Supertripper will adjust to your requirements.

And if you don’t really know where to start, our travel advisors are available to guide you through the settings and offer you solutions to optimize spending, depending on your booking habits.

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As an SME, choose to contribute to carbon neutrality for your business trips

With the ecological awareness that we have experienced in recent years, SMEs and mid-cap companies have an important role to play on climate issues. Whether it’s already in your DNA or you just want to make a gesture for the planet, Supertripper has partnered with the GoodPlanet Foundation to allow you, if you wish, to easily contribute to carbon neutrality, for each business trip. , at the time of booking.

Through this participation in carbon neutrality, companies contribute to the realization of concrete actions in the world, and receive a certificate each month. Of course, all funds are donated!