Travel and office managers: book and manage professional trips in just a few clicks

As a business travel manager, travel manager or office manager, you manage the organization of professional travel within your company. You don't just take care of booking hotels or flights for your employees, your tasks go well beyond: company professional expense policies, negotiations with providers, support and contact with employees during travel, management budgets ...

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Supertripper is both a travel agency for professionals and a technological solution that supports your employees on a daily basis in organizing their trips, in the most efficient way possible.
One of the characteristics of Supertripper is to be able to adapt perfectly to the way you organize yourself. Whether your company’s travel bookings are managed by one or more specific people, or whether you want to give your teams choice and autonomy, our solution is perfectly suited to your wishes.

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Centralize reservations on a single platform for all business trips

You are responsible for business travel in your company, so you need to be informed in real time of current reservations so that you can intervene quickly if necessary. Supertripper gives you access on its platform to the global view of all business trips made, current or future.

Our business travel management solution has been designed to be quick to learn and easy to use, to ensure trouble-free deployment and a maximum adoption rate from employees. For example, the reservation process for a business traveler is greatly facilitated: personal information and users’ subscription cards are pre-recorded and filled in automatically during a purchase.

Thanks to this central reservation system, not only do you benefit from more visibility in your business travel organization, but in addition, you can say goodbye to reservations made outside of the procedure recommended by your company.
With Supertripper, you are guaranteed that your company keeps its overall travel budget under control, without constraints or unpleasant surprises.

Optimize travel costs with a flexible travel policy system and innovative business model

Supertripper allows you to streamline travel expenses within your business. An automated travel policy system allows you to define the “business travel” expense item. You will be able to define the classes and types of authorized travel. For example, you can choose to allow 1st class train reservations, restrict airline ticket purchases beyond a certain amount, etc.
Travel policies can be assigned to one or more people and be defined by city or country.

Plus, at Supertripper, you pay when you consume! To adapt to the needs and challenges of your company, our travel agency designed for business trips has chosen a fairer and more transparent economic model: a monthly subscription billed only if the user books at least one service. in the month. By adopting this remuneration model, we support our clients in the growth of their activity. You can forget about hidden charges, ticket issuance fees and unjustifiable commissions.

Finally, thanks to our numerous partnerships, your company and your business travelers benefit from negotiated rates and exclusive advantages worldwide!

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The travel manager that helps you easily manage reservations

The travel policies, just like the validation system to adapt to your corporate culture, offered by Supertripper, help you to fully control your travel strategy. Your employees can make reservations independently, within the framework you have set. You keep control of spending in the travel budget.
Travel policies allow you to limit the maximum budgets authorized for certain reservations (by type of city, country, and even, depending on the employee concerned).

The validation circuit is completely flexible. It offers the possibility of giving the direct managers of each team the responsibility of validating reservations, or of authorizing ad hoc reservations outside the travel policy.

Finally, the effectiveness of Supertripper is also found in the management mode, on the interface, of the collaborators. You can add, via a mass import in CSV, an unlimited number of new collaborators. In the event of the permanent departure of an employee, you can deactivate access to the tool for this former user in two clicks.

Unique and simple bimonthly invoicing for better management of professional trips

Forget the interminable and incomprehensible invoices, Supertripper has opted for clear, bi-monthly global invoicing. A CSV file detailing all reservations is attached to each invoice.
Thanks to this operation, the invoicing of your business trips becomes crystal clear.

To allow you to have cost accounting, our travel expense management interface offers you the possibility of assigning expenses by cost center (subsidiary, entity, department, team, etc.). The tagging system has been designed to make accounting reconciliation very easy.

If you need to re-invoice certain services, it is also possible to export unit receipts for the reservations concerned.

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Professional travel management for travel managers

The new generation business travel agency

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