The agency specializing in business travel adapted to different sectors

Customize our tool with complete freedom
Easily adapt our solution to your industry
Make your travel a driver of growth and engagement
Improve overall productivity with an intuitive platform that meets the needs of all your teams
Offer yourself the best alternative to traditional travel agencies

Supertripper is the professional travel agency which adapts perfectly and easily to the needs and specificities of your activity.

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Professional travel agency specializing in small and medium-sized business travel

Are you a growing company and want to optimize the organization of your professional trips and travel expenses?

Mid-sized businesses like yours (SMBs, Mid-Size Companies, etc.) need the flexibility of a B2B travel partner. It is now obvious that a traditional travel agency can no longer offer a personalized solution. In this sense, our corporate travel management platform remains as agile as a structure such as yours.

Optimize all your processes today: automated entry of expenses, simplified validation of expenses, integration into your ecosystem and precise management. Look no further: Supertripper is the professional travel agency for SMEs and midcaps that helps you improve the overall productivity of your business!

Corporate travel agency expert in business travel management

Are you a large company and your mobility processes are relatively complex?

Supertripper simplifies them without sacrificing your specific needs. The agency dedicated to professional travel for large companies offers you a state-of-the-art travel management solution, uniquely simple, with personalized and tailor-made support.

Our tool offers all the functionalities necessary to manage the business trips of a large company. In addition to being an alternative to traditional travel agencies, it offers the major advantage of being able to be deployed to all your employees, whether they are based in France or abroad. Choose to implement our solution both with the teams based at head office and with your subsidiaries.

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Basé sur 274 avis
laura ohana
23 July 2022

Un service client et une account manager très professionnels et réactifs

Chloe Bouteille
27 July 2022

Cela permet de gérer mes déplacement beaucoup plus facilement j’adore !

Ons Khalfet
27 July 2022

Application super utile👌 bonne continuation!

Très peu d’attente, le service client est rapide et de très bon conseil !

Romain Antunez
19 July 2022

La façon dont Supertripper à révolutionné la manière dont j'organise mes voyages est bluffante ! Je recommande vivement cette entreprise pour leur réactivité et leur côté humain !

27 July 2022

Cette plateforme gère tous nos déplacements, au top !!

Agence de qualité équipe très sympathique

Kaïs Ouasli
27 July 2022

Très bon service et superbe application que je recommande vivement!

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Business travel agency dedicated to professional travel

Whether you represent a law firm or any other liberal profession, there is a good chance that business travel management is not at the heart of your activity. You are wrong.

With Supertripper, you get a corporate travel management tool that is truly tailored to your needs. For example, you can re-invoice your business trips to your customers very easily (supporting invoices and details). With our mobile app, your e-tickets are already in your pocket. You also have total flexibility to modify or cancel your reservations independently and with the best guarantees.

Flight, train, hotel, rental car or taxi transfer … Supertripper, the agency for professional travel of law firms and liberal professions is the only solution allowing you to organize your professional trip with peace of mind, from the first to the last mile!

And when needed, our customer service is always available, day or night, 365 days a year.

Professional travel agency for consulting firms' business trips

As a consulting company, flexibility is one of your business travel priorities. Thanks to Supertripper, you benefit from total and real-time visibility of your business reservations.

Define and assign a client / project code to one or more reservations in order to find them easily. Also retrieve unit receipts independent of invoicing.
In addition, reservations are automatically framed through an automated travel policy system. Thus, you can limit the travel costs to a certain amount, depending on the criteria chosen.

Supertripper is the professional travel agency for consulting firms who thinks of everything! Occasionally, you may need to book a corporate trip for one of your clients or an external consultant, which is why we have created a “guest” feature. This is a temporary account that allows the person concerned by reservations to receive all of their travel information directly in their mailbox, but without ever being able to access your company’s account.

And to accompany you before, during and after your business trip, Supertripper provides you with customer service available 24/7.

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Professional travel agency dedicated to NGO travel

Do your volunteers and employees regularly carry out humanitarian missions around the world? By entrusting Supertripper with the organization and optimization of all these trips, you can only focus on your core business.

Our business travel management solution adapts without constraint to the specific challenges of non-profit associations and NGOs.

We know that the part of your budget allocated to logistics must be optimized: the economic model that we have created corresponds perfectly to the needs of your activity. Supertripper is a professional travel agency adapted to NGOs and how they work.

No more hidden costs, agency fees and commissions of all kinds. With our travel management solution, you benefit from transparent, fair and simple pricing.

Travel agency specializing in the management of business travel for the major schools

Do you have to go to the Salon de l’Etudiant in Paris or take part in a conference in Montreal? Supertripper, the agency specializing in professional travel to grandes écoles , accompanies you from A to Z whatever your needs concerning your business trips.

The university calendar gives rhythm to your highlights. So you don’t have the same travel frequencies throughout the year. This is why we have developed an offer specially designed for you: the number of user profiles added to the platform is unlimited and you will only be billed if a reservation is confirmed. You only pay if you actually travel.

In addition, Supertripper is a partner of the world leaders in reservations and professional travel. Your business travel management in France or abroad has never been so fluid, thanks to our turnkey solution.

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FAQ : Professional BtoB travel agency

A company should be accompanied by a professional travel agency to facilitate the organization of its business trips. This will save time and allow the company to be advised and assisted at every stage of the management of its employees’ travel.

A professional travel agency is for any company or organization whose employees are required to travel as part of their activities, whatever their size or sector: SME, ETI, large companies, liberal professions, NGOs, associations, schools…

For choose a professional travel agencyit is recommended to take into account the following criteria:

  • the completeness of the offer for reservations and travel arrangements
  • readability of rates and access to competitive prices
  • availability and responsiveness of customer service

Choose Supertripper B to B Travel Agency is the assurance of organizing business trips with peace of mind. This comprehensive solution combines technology and expert travel support to optimize travel management and streamline travel costs.

Supertripper’s professional travel agency adapts to different business sectors thanks to its complete and flexible solution. Its travel management tool can be configured according to the needs of each company. Its business travel experts can adapt to any type of company.