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Easily ensure the safety of your travelers
Travel with peace of mind thanks to our various insurances
Configure all your options for an effective TRM
Make the right decisions thanks to an accurate risk assessment

Insurance for business trips, Travel Risk Management of business trips, and advance risk management ... Supertripper takes care of the safety of business travelers.

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The world of business travel has undergone an upheaval following the Covid-19 crisis. Recent events have proven that businesses must be prepared to manage the risks associated with professional travel, security concerns and increased regulations affecting their travelers.

Use our tools business travel management to optimize your travel program and watch over your business travelers.

Today more than ever, it is important to have a professional and experienced travel agency ready to meet these new challenges.

Business travel and risk management: how to organize?

Businesses have to deal with constant changes.
This is where our professional travel expert dimension takes on its full meaning:

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Receive the latest
travel info

On our blog and via our travel advisors, we provide you with recommendations and answer your questions to help you plan your future business trips.
We are always at your side so that you can anticipate your next business trips in complete safety.
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Take advantage of in-depth expertise
business trip

Our advisors regularly share supplier updates and industry trends with you.
Make informed decisions more easily to ensure comprehensive support for your travelers and adjust your travel plan as needed.
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Reassure your travelers and reduce
the risks for your business

Supertripper helps you implement a new approach to traveler risk management. Refine your travel policies with the help of our business travel experts.
Our professional travel management solution is flexible and adapts to your company's travel strategy as well as to a crisis situation, whatever the nature.
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Start your transition
in all serenity

At Supertripper, we understand that speed and flexibility in your change of professional travel agency are the keys to success.
We've done everything we can to create a smooth and easy transition process by supporting you from day one of our collaboration. A simple and smooth transition.

Duty of Care: business travel and professional travel

In the event of an unforeseen situation, the safety and security of your business travelers is the # 1 priority. As a business owner, being able to locate them and communicate with them is part of your duty of care. To avoid this type of emergency as much as possible, it is essential to establish solid rules in order to minimize the risks.

Supertripper provides your team with real-time reports, tools to define travel policies and settings to reduce traveler risk, all from our platform:

  • The location of any traveler via real-time visibility
  • Access to regularly updated information for sensitive destinations
  • The integration of business travel insurance on an international scale

Thus, we have the necessary tools to ensure the safety of your employees, to guarantee compliance with your duty of care, for you and your teams.

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2 September 2020

Qualité et innovation ! Merci Supertripper.

Cédric Lefevre
27 August 2020

Service de grande qualité. Une réservation rapide et efficace, pour un prix très abordable. Je recommande !

Luvy Hawke
26 August 2020
Phim Growth
26 August 2020

Gain de temps énorme sur ma résa de train et mon hôtel ! Tout a été fait sur leur site. Je recommande !

Melissa Balcerski
26 August 2020

Un outil et une équipe au top ! je recommande à 100%

Pierre Malonge
2 May 2018

Excellent site découvert par hasard lors d'un déplacement à Metz ! Je l'utilise tout le temps depuis même si je ne voyage pas beaucoup mais cela me simplifie la tâche à chaque fois. Je peux réserver mon train, hôtel et voiture de location en une seule fois ce qui me fait gagner un temps fou. Le service client est très réactif (testé une fois lors d'un problème de réservation à 22h) Je recommande pour tous les voyageurs réguliers !

Emma campirsch
24 April 2018

Une prise en charge totale, un service très réactif et des prix cassés; je recommande fortement!!

Tom Lebr
23 April 2018

Super ! Une prise en charge de A a Z ! Du vol de départ jusqu’à la location de voiture à l’arrivée, tout est géré par supertripper, cette centralisation facilite la vie lorsque l’on a plusieurs voyage pro par mois !

Advice from professional travel experts
to guarantee the safety of your travelers

One of the main missions of our business travel advisers is to provide you with essential communications to ensure the safety of your travelers. In today’s uncertain world, they represent a trusted source of information and expertise that you cannot live without.

All of our travel agents are proactive and have many years of experience
in the business tourism sector. They are available at any time:

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Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

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You can reach them by phone, wherever you are in the world

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They answer you in less than 2 minutes on the chat, during the day

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They treat emails with the utmost care (95% satisfaction rate)

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SuperCare: the insurance that covers all your business trips

Supertripper and Europ Assistance have combined their expertise and know-how to create a business and professional travel insurance , tailor-made, unique and without intermediary.

SuperCare is the ultimate guarantee for managing and carrying out business trips with complete peace of mind. This travel insurance designed for companies concerned with the well-being of their teams is perfectly suited to your needs. Part of your duty of care, SuperCare allows you to insure your employees abroad in the event of illness, medical costs, natural disasters, material damage, attacks ... In short, insurance specially built for business trips to cover you for all types of unforeseen situations.

Supertripper is aggregated by ORIAS.

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SuperFlex: cancellation insurance for linked flights
to your business trip

Discover the first option for canceling business travel for your flights. The SuperFlex option makes all your plane tickets 100% refundable up to 24 hours before the departure time.

The SuperFlex advantages

Generous : SuperFlex is the cancellation of your plane ticket in just a few clicks. You are guaranteed never to lose money.

Arranging: Superflex is the cheapest way to modify or change your plane ticket for a business trip.

Innovative: SuperFlex is a unique cancellation option for an airline ticket in the business travel sector. It only exists at Supertripper, nowhere else.

Customer testimonial: “Our schedules are often called upon to change. With the current situation of the Covid-19, it is sometimes difficult to ensure a business trip. We therefore had to find a solution to reduce these modification costs. SuperFlex travel insurance changes our lives! ”
Françoise B. - Travel manager

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