The essential tool to control professional expenses and the business travel budget

Take full control of business travel expenses
Receive a single global monthly invoice for all your trips
Customize your interface
See your costs at a glance
Simply export your data
A single means of payment for all your trips

Find all of your professional expenses and invoices on a single platform. Define your budgets as well as the roles of all your teams.

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Supertripper was designed to simplify the accounting aspect of corporate travel. Thanks to access to all invoicing directly on the platform, the work of your accountants is made easier and you have total visibility on the management of expenses and travel expenses of business travelers .

Set your own limits according to the travel budget, stay informed at all times of non-compliant expenses and automate the approval of business travel expenses. Thanks to our Travel & Expense solution, streamline your travel management method and freely manage your travel strategy.

Our solution is non-binding and you only pay if you consume!

Managing your business expenses
and your travel budget on a single interface

Who are the most frequent business travelers in your company? How many reservations are outside of your corporate travel policy? What are the reasons ? How to remedy this to perfectly adjust your professional travel management system? Collect the answers to all your questions from our business travel software.

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A control tool
simple and modern

Efficiently manage the professional expenses of your business trips thanks to a complete, ergonomic and intuitive management software. No need to know anything about computers to use it, all the features you need are already integrated!

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Your areas for improvement
in one look

Streamline your management: on your interface, quickly identify excessive spending as well as the parameters to be adjusted according to the use of your business travelers. Also take advantage of expert travel pro advice for optimizing your travel policy.

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Your invoices in your accounting space

Increase your visibility on all your business expenses by centralizing your invoices related to your teams’ business trips. Easily allocate your cost centers and sort your invoices as you wish.

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The end of time-consuming tasks

Automate the collection and management of your corporate travel invoices in one software. No more having to deal with paperwork by hand! Your account is debited automatically, so you don’t have to fall behind in paying your fees.

Control your business expenses thanks to your travel policies

Need to achieve a 100% compliance rate? Test the functionality of built-in policies.

In less than 5 minutes, define your travel policies and the validation circuit; adjust them at any time and automate the generation of your invoices. As administrator of your company’s account, you set up the rules and processes relating to the business trips of your employees within the platform.

For reservations in the travel policy

Your travelers are free to book their tickets and organize their trips without having to wait for manager approval. They are autonomous in planning their business trips; you stay in control.

For reservations outside the travel policy

If one of the criteria of the travel policy is not respected, a manager (or the travel manager) is automatically alerted to confirm or not the reservation request. The traveler has the possibility to leave a comment to explain the reasons for his request.

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Reduce travel expenses with
at competitive rates

Our tool is connected to the best global suppliers to book a flight, train, accommodation or rental car. Set your own limits on the world’s largest travel inventory and enjoy similar or cheaper fares than the general public.

Supertripper is (in part) an online comparator designed for all business travel bookings.

We guarantee you the best prices by comparing Expedia, HotelBeds, SNCF and hundreds of other booking sites. And thanks to our specific agreements, we even offer you cheaper prices than on


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Cette plateforme gère tous nos déplacements, au top !!

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27 July 2022

Application super utile👌 bonne continuation!

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19 July 2022

La façon dont Supertripper à révolutionné la manière dont j'organise mes voyages est bluffante ! Je recommande vivement cette entreprise pour leur réactivité et leur côté humain !

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Très bon service et superbe application que je recommande vivement!

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Agence de qualité équipe très sympathique

Très peu d’attente, le service client est rapide et de très bon conseil !

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Un service client et une account manager très professionnels et réactifs

Analyze business travel expenses in real time

Travel costs can be difficult to track and optimize without clear visibility into business travel expenses and costs. Supertripper automates reports and easily integrates into your financial management tools.

Identify major trends and major expense items directly from your online dashboard. It is by relying on precise accounting data that you will be able to correctly manage your travel strategy and save money.

In this way, you can narrow your business travel budget more precisely and limit unpleasant surprises. Forget about overspending!

No longer depend on Excel or your colleagues to build your reports. Supertripper’s travel expense management tool was designed to make your life easier.

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Customize and export travel data very easily

Get all the information you need to best manage your business expenses. Create your own reports by project, by entity or by employee and make better decisions.

Ask your teams to provide additional or mandatory information for reservations. You benefit from truly comprehensive reports categorized according to your internal methods and processes.

Maximum personalization of accounting data related to your business trips, that’s also the plus of Supertripper!

A single payment system for all business trips

Forget lodged cards, physical or personal credit cards … Treat yourself to more convenience with our automatic payment system.

For finance teams

Your finance and accounting teams only receive one invoice for expenses related to travel costs. This simplified accounting management of your business trips saves time so that you can devote yourself to other activities. And what’s more, payments are made automatically!

For business travelers

Your professional travelers no longer need to advance expenses for their business trips! Their personal profile is directly linked to the company’s account. They can book their accommodation and trips (hotel nights, train or plane tickets, car rental, etc.) without any credit card.

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FAQ: Business Expense and Travel Budget Management

To reduce business travel costsyou must ensure that you :

  1. Establish a budget of projected expenses
  2. Establish a travel policy to govern business travel and expenses
  3. Anticipate reservations
  4. Compare offers and stay flexible
  5. Using a travel agent

A corporate travel policy allows for the establishment of rules and the supervision of employee business travel. It defines the budget, the modes of transportation, the type of accommodation according to the destination of the business trip, as well as the internal validation processes.

For establish a corporate travel policy with Supertripper :

  1. Identify your business travel needs
  2. Define your travel budget
  3. Contact our business travel experts
  4. Benefit from support in setting rules and deploying your travel strategy

Supertripper optimizes your business travel expenses with a unique solution that includes :

  • the elimination of expense reports and therefore their processing costs
  • Customized travel policies and a validation circuit adapted to control travel costs
  • Expert advice and customized reporting to streamline travel spend

Supertripper makes it easy to stay on top of business travelers’ travel expenses :

  • by integrating one or more customized travel policies into the tool
  • by setting up custom validation circuits
  • by having access to real time expenses and reporting