Duty of Care: an obligation for companies vis-à-vis business travelers

Our comprehensive due diligence solution guarantees you and your staff complete management of the safety of business travelers . With Supertripper, you have peace of mind before, during and after every business trip.


The duty of care, a legal obligation for business travel

As a business manager, you have a legal obligation to protect your employees by ensuring their safety. This is called the duty of care, or duty of diligence in French. In law, article L.4121-1 of the Labor Code stipulates that “the employer must take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the physical and mental health of workers.”

These measures include:

This duty of care also applies to your business travelers, when they are traveling on business. Your organization, regardless of its size, must therefore integrate due diligence into its corporate culture and travel policies. With Supertripper, choose an optimal duty of care.

COVID-19 and business travel

After the Covid-19 health crisis, companies are obliged to take into account the risks in the management of their employees’ business trips. So much so that for 92% of managers, the safety of business trips has become the priority criterion. The Covid has therefore profoundly transformed the management of business travel. Therefore, it is essential for you to surround yourself with a professional travel agency that is expert in the field.

Real-time access to travel safety and risk information has never been more important than in this post-Covid time. At Supertripper, our commitment is to help companies ensure the safety of their employees. Due diligence and risk assessment being at the heart of travel policy, you have access to reliable and usable risk data. Thanks to the services of our specialist travel agency, you can easily strengthen your risk management programs.


The duty of care, a legal obligation for business travel

27% of employees say that their company does not put enough effort into travel safety. Your priority is therefore to anticipate and prevent all possible scenarios during a business trip. Whether or not you have a resource dedicated to Travel Risk Management, Supertripper is there to support you in this imperative.

Via our tools and our expertise in business travel, you can easily set up your prevention programs and optimize your duty of care.

With Supertripper, manage your business trips with confidence for guaranteed success.

Protect your business travelers with our insurance

To best guarantee your duty of care, we offer several insurances that can integrate your due diligence: SuperCare and SuperFlex.

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SuperCare insurance

In partnership with Europ Assistance, we offer additional comprehensive insurance which provides optimal guarantees to cover any problem before, during and after a business trip. Approved by ORIAS, Supertripper thus offers the first travel insurance for professionals designed by a business travel agency.

Some examples of assistance services and insurance guarantees distributed via Supertripper:
• Direct coverage of medical costs on site in the event of illness or accident
• Repatriation assistance and early return
• Hospitalization costs (advances and reimbursements) abroad
• Theft or loss of personal effects
• Attack, natural disaster, bodily injury and non-material damage, etc…

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SuperFlex insurance

Sometimes flight bookings need to be changed or canceled, for a variety of reasons. To be able to have peace of mind when this kind of situation arises, Supertripper has created SuperFlex. This flight insurance allows a business traveler to cancel their plane ticket free of charge up to 24 hours before their departure date.

The advantage: SuperFlex applies regardless of the initial reimbursement conditions for the ticket purchased.

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Duty of care for professionals on the go

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