Supertripper creates business travel insurance that preserves your security and peace of mind

As part of your business trips, as a business traveler, travel manager or company manager, you want to be able to benefit from personalized support if you have to face unforeseen circumstances.

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Lucky for you, at Supertripper we think of everything! By booking your business trips via our platform, you have access to two insurances that will allow all employees to travel in complete safety. Thanks to our strategic partnerships, risk management related to business travel is done in all serenity!


SuperCare: ultra-comprehensive and tailor-made travel insurance for business trips

The multi-risk insurance created by Supertripper is designed to deal with all the unforeseen events and all the incidents that may arise during a business trip. Supertripper thus responds to a real need in terms of safety and well-being of employees expressed in SMEs, mid-cap companies and large companies. This insurance will protect all your business travelers during their professional trips in France and abroad.

Here are the topics covered by SuperCare insurance:
• Illness or injury
• Medical fees
• Death assistance
• Travel assistance
• Luggage and personal effects
• Travel accident
• Civil liability for private life abroad
• Plane delay (> 4h)
• Guarantee in case of assault

With SuperCare's international coverage designed for all business trips, you are guaranteed to protect your employees when needed.

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SuperCare: business travel insurance born from our partnership with Europe Assistance

Far from playing a simple intermediary role, as the 1st French business travel agency approved by ORIAS, Supertripper has created its own travel insurance in association with the Europ Assistance group, 100% dedicated to professional travel. Thanks to this strategic partnership, our agency specializing in professional travel management offers a complete service to travelers and their businesses.

Whether you are planning a business trip for yourself or for one of your employees, with SuperCare insurance, specially designed for all business trips, you will no longer have to worry about whether you have the right coverage in the event of a problem.

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SuperFlex: flight cancellation insurance related to your business trips

The vagaries of everyday life mean that a business trip can be canceled or postponed at the last moment. To be able to have peace of mind when this kind of situation arises, Supertripper has created the SuperFlex. This is plane insurance that allows you to make any flight cancellable up to 24 hours before the departure date, regardless of the initial reimbursement conditions applying to the plane ticket. .

Thanks to SuperFlex flight cancellation insurance, you can make your reservations without hassle and without worry.

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Supertripper invents competitively priced business travel insurance

The direct association between Supertripper and the Europ Assistance group makes it possible to eliminate all intermediary commissions and therefore to ensure all the trips of your employees at an attractive and transparent price. Our professional agency makes it a point of honor to always respect the principle of transparent pricing, whether it concerns reservations, user subscriptions or travel insurance.

« La situation sanitaire actuelle a renforcé l’importance de l’assistance et de l’assurance voyage. Nous nous mobilisons 24/7 pour répondre aux besoins des collaborateurs en déplacements professionnels. Notre mission est de leur assurer une protection complète pour leurs voyages d’affaires. Nous sommes ravis de notre collaboration avec Supertripper pour le lancement de ce service innovant. »

Emmanuel Légeron, Directeur de la ligne métier voyage d’Europ Assistance France

Insurance adapted to business trips

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