The best expense management tool for business travel.

Optimize your travel budget by up to 30%
Save valuable time for your finance teams
Gain visibility and control with a versatile tool
Automate your entire business travel expense management process
Digitize your accounting documents
Get personalized advice from business travel experts

The expense management solution that eliminates expense reports and centralizes invoices for all your business trips.

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Are you tired of your employees sending you astronomical amounts of expense reports to process every month? Do you find that processing these receipts is a long, tedious and, above all, time-consuming process?

Know that there is a faster and easier way to manage your expenses!
Thanks to our business travel agency , it is easy to follow the expenses related to professional travel of your employees.

Save up to 30% on your budget
business trip thanks to Supertripper

As you probably already know, when it comes to business travel, costs can quickly increase.
Business travel is the second most important expense in a business after salaries.
And even if you have a large travel budget, the overall impact on your business finances can be significant.
Here are the main reasons our customers save on travel expense management:

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Exclusive worldwide rates

Thanks to our network, we allow our customers to benefit from the best negotiated rates for their business trips in France and around the world.

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Improved productivity

No more wasting time looking for the best rates with online comparators. Employees focus only on high added value tasks.

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Reinforced cost control

Our business travel solution helps you keep track of overspending. Using the recommendations of our experts, you streamline your travel strategy.

Business travel doesn’t have to be a burden. In fact, they can also be an opportunity to save money while serving the growth of your business. With an effective travel budget management tool like ours, you could be like most of our saving customers. on average 20% per year. With Supertripper, quickly optimize your budget dedicated to business travel.

Control your travel expenses with full visibility of your travel expenses

Thanks to Supertripper, managing your travel expenses and business travel budget is done on a single interface.

Thus, all the accounting aspect related to business travel can be controlled at a glance. And for better cost control, the platform allows you to track expenses in real time. By relying on accurate travel data, easily spot excessive costs.

Likewise, directly and easily integrate your travel policies into our tool to achieve a 100% compliance rate.

Less processing time, access to exclusive rates, no more loss of documents… With Supertripper, you save as much time as money in the management of professional trips for your employees.

Finally, with the help of our business travel experts, you can be sure to collect concrete and reliable measures to improve the performance of your program.

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Export and analyze your detailed reports of professional expenses

Supertripper automates expense reporting to make your job easier. On your dedicated space, view changes in consumption, analyze the distribution of costs using filters and continuously optimize travel expenses for your teams.

Our interface therefore gives you full visibility into expenses and better control over how budgets are used.

As a business, you realize the need to effectively manage business travel costs. This is why, in addition to automated reporting, with Supertripper you have the possibility of:

  • Customize the interface as you see fit
  • Extract all of your travel & expenses data
  • Easily connect our digital solution with your ERP tools


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27 July 2022

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Agence de qualité équipe très sympathique

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19 July 2022

La façon dont Supertripper à révolutionné la manière dont j'organise mes voyages est bluffante ! Je recommande vivement cette entreprise pour leur réactivité et leur côté humain !

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Très bon service et superbe application que je recommande vivement!

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27 July 2022

Application super utile👌 bonne continuation!

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Cette plateforme gère tous nos déplacements, au top !!

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23 July 2022

Un service client et une account manager très professionnels et réactifs

Très peu d’attente, le service client est rapide et de très bon conseil !

Simplify your accounting with
the deletion of notes and advance payments

Choose a simpler and more efficient system for all your teams. Thanks to our integrated management tool, the elimination of notes and advances for professional travel expenses simplifies your accounting management, as well as the daily life of your employees.

Your business travelers have a personal account linked to that of your company. When a reservation is made, only the company’s account is debited. All the teams are winners:

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Less red tape for financial services

Accounting management is simplified because there is no longer any need to reimburse professional travel expenses.
With bi-monthly billing, payments are automatically withdrawn every two weeks. You only have one invoice for all of your company's trips!
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More comfort for all company employees

Employees no longer advance their travel expenses and thus no longer risk losing receipts to justify their expenses.
Thanks to our payment system, only the financial service receives a detailed expenditure invoice with all the useful information (cost center, personnel number, reason for travel, taxes, etc.)

Easily find all your related invoices
to your business trips

Billing tracking becomes child’s play. Every two weeks, you receive a single invoice automatically issued by Supertripper which summarizes all the reservations made by your teams. You can download it easily and track your expenses on a regular basis.

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Receive a single invoice for all your trips. Get better readability in your financial monitoring.

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Access a detailed report (Excel or CSV format) of consumption. Quickly view expenses.

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Enrich your reports by easily customizing your data (e.g. employee number)

Optimize your business travel budget with the help of a dedicated travel expert

The difference between Supertripper and a classic business travel agency? Our business travel management solution is unique because, in addition to accessing your personalized data in real time, you define the level of support you need.

Take advantage of the advice of your business travel expert for optimization of business travel costs of your business and manage your travel budget with peace of mind. Our business travel professionals combine business intelligence, in-depth knowledge of each supplier, data analysis methods and a traveler-centric approach.

Our team makes it a point of honor to improve the solution by integrating your feedback to help you further optimize your travel strategy.

Start building the travel plan that’s right for you today. Benefit at no additional cost from the recommendations of your assigned account manager and effectively adjust your business travel budget.

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FAQ: Expense management and business travel expenses

The business travel expenses include all expenses incurred during a business trip by an employee. He can advance them and then be reimbursed. These costs can also be paid directly by the company via payment solutions made available to employees.

Business travel expenses include all expenses related to business travel:

  • Transportation (train or plane tickets, car rental)
  • Mileage expenses if the employee travels by car
  • Accommodation (hotel room or apartment)
  • The restoration

Reimbursed travel expenses are all expenses incurred by an employee in the context of an assignment carried out on behalf of his or her company, provided that they are justified. They may concern a short trip near the workplace or a trip abroad.

For be reimbursed for business travel expensesIn order to receive the payment, you must fill out an expense report and send it to the company’s accounting department, along with proof of payment (invoice, receipt). Expenses incurred for a business trip must be justified.

To save money on business travel, you must :

Anticipate the organization of business trips

  1. Define a budget of projected expenses
  2. Compare offers on several sites or use a professional travel agency
  3. Be flexible
  4. Be aware of hidden fees

Our business travel management solution has been designed to be integrated with your accounting software. It can be incorporated into various accounting and financial CRM systems for easier and faster processing of your company’s business expenses.

Optimal management of professional travel costs

The new generation business travel agency

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