The new generation professional travel manager

The professional travel agency which simplifies the organization of business trips for all your employees.

Simplified business travel management for the whole team

With Supertripper, business travel becomes an experience that is as enriching for the company as it is for your employees. Save your teams time thanks to an intuitive interface and simplified accounting management.

The pro travel management method that we have created will change the daily life of your employees. Before, during and after company trips: everything is made available to make life easier for each division and increase productivity and anticipation.

Whatever the size or culture of your company, our business travel management tool is designed to integrate easily into your environment and adapt to the issues of each of your employees.


Among the advantages that our professional travel management solution can provide
to your company, we can quote in particular:


Easy and centralized reservations

Book in 3 clicks thanks to the richest supplier catalog on the market, for an undeniable time saving. Your teams can thus focus on their core business.


Accounting management

Enjoy the benefits of eliminating expense reports and centralizing invoices. This optimized organization gives you better visibility on travel costs.


Global mastery

Your company realizes substantial savings from the 1st month, thanks to personalized travel policies, controlled travel costs and access to negotiated rates.

Management of professional travel expenses:
the essential tool for CFOs

Our integrated solution gives your financial services complete and real-time visibility on all travel expenses. You also get comprehensive control analysis reports to reduce your expenses.
Find all your automatically generated invoices on your interface: no more loss of invoices! Also forget about bills and advance payments. All the accounting management related to professional travel costs becomes child’s play: Supertripper the ideal professional travel agency for the DAF .

With Supertripper, you maximize your savings on business trips:


Expenditure control

Track the evolution of corporate travel expenses through detailed reports. Keep control of your budget by implementing travel policies.


Better productivity

Connect Supertripper to your accounting tools and do 3 times more in 2 times less time, thanks to the automation of invoicing and access to real-time reports.


Preferential rates

Thanks to our many partnerships, benefit from negotiated rates on reservations. Our easy-to-use tool saves you time by offering you the best prices.


Travel and office managers: book and manage professional trips in just a few clicks

Whatever problems you face as a corporate travel manager, our travel management solution adapts to yours as well as those of each of your employees! Supertripper is the professional travel agency for all offices and travel managers .

Our tool is designed to integrate easily into your work environment, regardless of the size or culture of your business.

A single tool for all your reservations (trains, flights, hotels, rental cars) and optimized processing of associated costs.

Choose whether or not to make your business travelers autonomous in the organization of their trips. They can also be attached to a manager who decides to validate or refuse an out-of-policy reservation request.

Your unique accounting management tool for your business trips

You find your invoices in the same place and you can export them in one click. Thanks to our tool, we have eliminated the problems related to loss of expense reports and credit card payments.

In addition, you benefit from clear pricing known in advance with no variable costs.

Supertripper offers your business a digital solution allowing considerable time savings combined with the services of a professional travel agency.

Finally, with the help of our experts, you set up the approval process to ensure compliance with travel policies and reduce expenses.


CSR manager: integrate the contribution to carbon neutrality of your travels into your CSR policy

With Supertripper, CSR is integrated into your business trips!

We are the preferred professional travel agency for CSR managers. Offer your employees to contribute to climate neutrality in one click, for each trip by train or plane, directly on our platform.

Get the carbon footprint of your company's trips and access CO₂ emissions reports related to your business trips.

Receive carbon neutrality contribution certificates each month from our partner, the GoodPlanet Foundation.

The app that meets the needs of business travelers

Booking your next trip has never been easier. All your information is pre-recorded. Order in three clicks, from reservation to check-out and all you have to do is travel. A modern and fluid interface, which has nothing to envy to the best online booking sites and ticket comparators. Plan your trips wherever you are, thanks to our application available on iOS and Android, or directly online on your desktop screen.

Supertripper is the travel agency for business travelers ultimate ! Take the stress out of your ticket search and save time so you can fully focus on your dates. We work with the best suppliers (airlines, SNCF network, partner hotels, rental car agencies) to find the offer you need in a few moments.

No longer advance any travel costs! To make your life easier, Supertripper has developed an innovative turnkey tool: expense reports are automatically integrated into the platform when you book.


Professional travel agency

The new generation business travel agency