Management of professional travel expenses: the essential tool for CFOs

One of the missions of the finance departments is to optimize costs. Too often, they suffer from a lack of visibility to achieve this. This is due to the low digitization of their processes, in particular at the level of the automatic generation of reports.
The professional travel agency Supertripper improves the productivity of finance teams thanks to its b2b booking platform designed for simple and easy accounting management.

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Better visibility for the DAF on business travel bookings

For a finance department, the first step in controlling the business travel expenses of its employees involves centralizing all the company’s reservations on a single platform. Supertripper is both an agency and a technological solution for bringing together all purchases related to the booking of business trips.

Thanks to the completeness of our partners and suppliers, you ensure your employees access to a global offer made up of more than 300 airlines (including low-cost companies), more than a million hotels, transfers by taxis anywhere in the world and access to all European train companies.

You will never again have to track down reservations made outside of the imposed procedure … just like expense reports lost elsewhere! Our pro travel management solution simplifies your processes by eliminating expense notes and advances, while giving you the visibility you need on your company’s travel budget expenses.

The guarantee of the control of travel costs in real time for the DAF

By using our professional travel management platform, you set up a reservation system to control the expenses of your business travelers. Thus, all reservations made respect your spending policy, while prioritizing the commitment of our suppliers to offer competitive rates on reservations, train tickets, plane tickets, hotel rooms, etc. .

The integrated travel policy system also allows you to define conditions and a precise procedure for each reservation made by your employees. You can, for example, authorize or not the reservation of a specific class of transport, adjust your validation circuit, define a maximum price for a specific type of reservation (in a city or a country for example), etc.

Finally, our platform was created with the objective of simplifying the monitoring and optimization of your business travel expenses. Supertripper allows you to filter in real time all the expenses made by your various departments, entities, subsidiaries… and business travelers.

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Supertripper, a transparent and profitable pro travel management solution for the DAF

For French companies, travel expenses represent the most expensive non-production expense item, after payroll. One of Supertripper’s choices was to adopt a transparent and painless business model to allow finance and administration to focus on other higher priority topics than improving their business travel management system.

Thus, at Supertripper, we have chosen to support our clients in the growth of their activity by opting for a monthly subscription model per active traveler. This means that a user has unlimited access to the platform and the subscription will only be billed if he books at least one service. No more hidden costs, ticket issuance costs, incomprehensible commissions, etc.

Thanks to the flexibility of our platform, we are able to integrate your negotiated rates into your company account. And thanks to our many partnerships, you also benefit from preferential rates and exclusive advantages worldwide!

A single billing for all of your company's business trips

At Supertripper, the desire for a clear offer is also reflected in the billing method. Thanks to the centralization of all business reservations on a single platform, all travel expenses are reported on a single bi-monthly invoice. Full reporting is available on the platform. It is also attached to each invoice to allow your accounting department to find the details of all reservations.

Our invoicing system can manage several entities (departments, subsidiaries, etc.). It also allows the allocation of expenses within the framework of cost accounting (via a tagging system) and facilitated re-invoicing, thanks to individualized receipts for each service reserved.
By using our business travel and travel expense management platform, invoicing becomes a piece of cake (or almost): your invoices are automatically generated on your interface and can be downloaded in just two clicks.

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The implementation of our travel expense management system in record time

In addition to being a technological solution, Supertripper is also a team, based in France, made up of business travel experts. They are there to support you when it comes to deploying the professional travel management solution within your company. Your employees will be guided every step of the way so they can start booking without wasting time.

The Supetripper platform has been designed to be easy to use, but if needed, your team can count on the help of our travel consultants at any time. Your dedicated account manager is also responsible for training your administrators and organizing training sessions to answer all questions and ensure a smooth implementation of the solution.
Also, to support you in the process of reducing costs, our travel advisers can guide you to optimize your company’s travel costs.

Finally, our customer service is available 24/7 to assist all your business travelers, whether it is booking their business trips, or to help them face an unforeseen event.

Participate in the contribution to carbon neutrality for each business trip

Business travel poses a lot of problems for companies, both in terms of costs and in terms of ecology. Fortunately, solutions evolve and adapt to the economic conditions that today’s societies are dealing with.

In order to respond to the growing desire of companies to want to control their carbon impact, while improving their CSR approach, Supertripper has signed a strong partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation. This association gives companies the opportunity to precisely calculate the carbon emissions generated as part of their professional travel and to contribute to carbon neutrality, directly from our booking platform.
Thanks to Supertripper, quickly and easily integrate the contribution to carbon neutrality into your company’s CSR approach!

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Management of professional trips and travel expenses for CFOs

The new generation business travel agency

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