Develop your CSR policy through carbon offsetting of your business trips

Obtain a free monthly Bilan Carbone® for your business trips
Your climate contribution in one click on the trips of your choice
Improve your visibility on your carbon emissions
Contribute to the financing of environmental projects
Stay compliant with CSR standards by easily reducing your travel impact

Contribute to the carbon neutrality of your business trips by offsetting up to 100% of your trips

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Carbon neutrality objective for your business trips

Contribution to carbon neutrality
integrated into your CSR policy


Carbon offsetting, why get involved now?

As part of business travel, this approach allows travelers to limit their carbon footprint (CO₂ emissions and greenhouse gases) by financing environmental projects.

Contributing to carbon neutrality is an excellent means that fits perfectly into your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

Are you a company wishing to take an environmental approach? Adopt the contribution to carbon neutrality !

Want to protect the climate while reducing costs in the long run?

In collaboration with our partner the GoodPlanet Foundation, our business travel agency supports you in the sustainable reduction of your carbon footprint .

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A concrete impact for your business trips

With Supertripper, embody today the change at the scale of your company. Contribute to carbon neutrality by reducing CO₂ emissions from your business trips . We support you to identify potential optimizations upstream or at the time of booking in order to opt for the best sustainability choices.

For many companies, business travel represents an extraordinary lever to develop their activity. This may be your case, but that doesn’t mean you have to stand still in the face of climate issues.

At all times, our business travel experts are at your side to define, implement and monitor the most appropriate carbon reduction measures.


Limiting your carbon footprint, first and foremost a citizen act

In partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation, Supertripper allows you to contribute to carbon neutrality on all carbon emissions (CO₂) linked to your business trips via our platform, for each of your trips.

It could not be easier ! After each reservation made on the application or on the Supertripper platform, all you have to do is check the “contribute to carbon neutrality” box . You will thus contribute in one click to limit the environmental footprint of your company.

To find out the impact of your efforts in terms of contribution to the carbon neutrality of CO₂ emissions, directly related to your business trips, you will have access to detailed reports. This information will help to give more visibility to the measures and actions concerning your CSR approach.

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Contribution to carbon neutrality
and your business trips

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Book your trip

In partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation, Supertripper allows you to contribute to carbon neutrality overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions linked to each of your business trips .

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Choose to compensate

When finalizing your ticket reservation, check the box “ contribute to carbon neutrality ” in order to limit your environmental footprint regarding this business trip.

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Access your emissions reports

Integrate the contribution to carbon neutrality to your travel policies and benefit from better visibility thanks to a dashboard of emissions CO₂ related to your business trips .

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Receive your certificate

At the end of each month, an official certificate is sent to you, attesting to your efforts in terms of contribution to carbon neutrality . This document ensures the continuity of your CSR commitment by our side.

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Discover the funded projects

On your certificate issued by our partner the GoodPlanet Foundation, discover the dozens of environmental projects partially funded by your company. They are all certified by quality labels.

Supertripper, the business travel agency
which simplifies the contribution to carbon neutrality

At Supertripper, we believe that business trips must be an experience as enriching for travelers as for the company, while limiting as much as possible carbon footprint linked to business trips. This is why Supertripper is committed to minimize its environmental footprint and that of its customers. This approach is based on the use of data as much as on recommendations provided by our travel advisers.

Together, let’s help reduce the environmental impact of your business.

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The GoodPlanet Foundation, the ideal partner

Chaired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the GoodPlanet Foundation aims to place ecology and humanism at the heart of consciousness and arouse the desire to take concrete action for the Earth and its inhabitants.

Its Action Carbone Solidaire program aims to fight against global warming by offering sustainable and economically viable alternatives to polluting activities, for the benefit of the most disadvantaged populations.

Support in your carbon transition

Because it is not always easy to know where to start, our business consultants support you step by step in your desire to carbon transition .

From defining a greener travel policy to identifying relevant data, our team is dedicated to providing you only with recommendations tailored to your size and corporate culture.

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Become the benchmark for sustainable business travel

Make business trips an experience that is as enriching for you as it is for your employees. This is our mission, to which we wish to bring an additional brick: that of making a full commitment to the environment.

While business trip is sometimes singled out for its ecological impact, we could not remain inactive. Since its origins, Supertripper has taken the lead in providing concrete and innovative solutions to help change attitudes in this sector of activity.

Supertripper, a company that is committed

At Supertripper, protecting the environment is part of everything we do. Recycling, sorting bins, reusable cutlery, … We try to match our words to our actions as much as possible.

For three years, we have favored the train to the plane for all the trips of our employees less than 4 hours from our headquarters in Paris. We also compensate each of our air travel and we carry out a quarterly internal audit to get ever closer to carbon neutrality .

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Climate contribution: environmental impact
business tourism and professional travel

The tourism sector alone represents 8% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. *

The elimination of these emissions is a large-scale project, especially when they come from services
for which we are not directly responsible but which we can influence. Here are some key figures.

* source: Nature climate change, 2019.

contribution neutralite carbone emission CO2 voyages daffaires 1.png 1

700 million tonnes

CO₂ equivalent come from business trips every year.

Source: Purchasing Decision, 2019.

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33% of CO2 emissions

of companies are linked to business trips: business trips, home-office trips, etc.

Source: WWF, 2017.

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70% of employees

would prefer to work for a company with a strong environmental strategy.

Source: Purchasing Decision, 2019.

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€ 22 per tonne of CO2

this is the cost of the contribution to carbon neutrality linked to your business trips. The amounts per trip depend on the means of transport you have chosen (for example, trains emit less CO₂ than planes).

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6% on average

on the price of the initial ticket: this is the supplement generally requested to contribute to carbon neutrality.

Support concrete projects through your CSR approach
and the contribution to carbon neutrality

Optimizing business travel by contributing to carbon neutrality means providing concrete and measurable assistance for the preservation of the environment and its biodiversity . Through the “Action Carbone Solidarity” program of our partner GoodPlanet, numerous certified projects were financed through funds of enterprises engaged in contributing to carbon neutrality.

From Madagascar to Bolivia, via our rural territories, discover the projects already supported.

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About carbon offsetting

The contribution to carbon neutrality allows companies and travelers to reduce their environmental footprint ( greenhouse gas emissions ) during their business trips in France and abroad . The funds collected are donated to support environmental preservation projects.

A carbon footprint is defined as the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly or indirectly support human activities, generally expressed in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent ( CO2eq ).

To calculate the carbon footprint of a company, the method used is the one defined by Ademe. By adding all the CO₂ emissions of a company’s activities (transport, energy consumption, life cycle of services and products, etc.), we obtain a number that corresponds to its Bilan Carbone® . This weight estimate of the quantity of CO2eq emitted is used to identify the most polluting activities in order to apply measurable actions to reduce its impact on the environment .

In terms of legislation, the environmental code makes it mandatory to do a ““Bilan Carbone®” for:

  • companies with more than 500 employees in metropolitan France (250 employees overseas)
  • public establishments with more than 250 people
  • local authorities with more than 50,000 inhabitants
  • the French State

The calculation of greenhouse gas emissions from flights is based on criteria established by Ademe. This is an estimate (and not an exact data) which takes into account the following parameters:

  • the distance between the departure airport and the arrival airport
  • the presence or not of a stopover
  • a percentage increase (approximately 5%) added to the great circle distance, also called the “orthodromic distance”
  • a fixed quantity of kerosene required for take-off and landing
  • passenger class

From these data, a number is obtained corresponding to the quantity of CO₂ emitted per flight, compared to the scale of a passenger.

The carbon price was introduced by a coalition of states and companies in 2014 in order to engage the most polluting actors to start a more eco-responsible transition. This price is reassessed regularly and currently amounts to around € 22 / tonne of CO₂ emitted. This price may also vary depending on the suppliers investing in certified projects supported by the contribution to carbon neutrality, for example.

To find out more about how the carbon price is calculated, visit the website of the Ministry of Ecology.

No, currently it is not possible to deduct carbon credits from taxes.

If your company is based abroad, please consult a tax advisor to verify that your local tax regulations provide for the deduction of contributions from corporate tax.

About Supertripper and GoodPlanet

As a Supertripper customer, you can contribute to the carbon neutrality of your business trips directly from our platform. The contribution is made through a calculation made from the greenhouse gas emissions linked to your business trips .

This approach is part of our partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation, chaired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. A benchmark foundation in France and around the world, it accompanies and supports projects contributing to sustainable development or promoting reduction and sequestration of greenhouse gas emissions .

When finalizing the reservation of a business trip on Supertripper, you have the option of checking a “ Contribute to carbon neutrality ” box. Based on the calculation established by Ademe (see the question “How is the carbon price calculated?), A price supplement is applied to your reservation, making it possible to finance associations with an environmental vocation. This supplement is € 22 per tonne of CO₂ emitted.

This amount depends on the means of transport used (a flight emits more CO₂ than a train journey). Taking into account your entire trip (for example, flight + rental car + hotel), count an additional 6% on average on top of the total cost of the trip. Supertripper does not take any service charges and donates the full amount to our partner the GoodPlanet Foundation.

On your Supertripper personal space, you can consult the greenhouse gas emissions achieved by your entire company or by yourself at any time. These are a good indicator to know your impact on the environment. They can also help you choose softer modes of transport for your next trips (taking the train rather than the plane for example.)

You also receive a monthly report, the Bilan Carbone® of your business trips, which summarizes the emissions data per trip.

Emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) related to air travel are not the only ones to be taken into account by Supertripper. You can contribute to the carbon neutrality of all GHG emissions linked to your business trips .

Our partner, the GoodPlanet Foundation, integrates all the CO des-generating factors as much as possible (and not just the release of kerosene for flights, for example) to provide the most precise data possible.

Important: for each calculation, it is an estimate and not an exact data.

Here are some examples of projects the GoodPlanet Foundation is currently working on:

  • recycling waste into compost, in Madgascar, Togo and Cameroon
  • the construction of solar cookers in Bolivia

Note that new projects are regularly launched. Details of projects supported by the GoodPlanet Foundation are available on this map .

By committing to Supertripper, you can become an agent of change by supporting projects to preserve, reforest and help maintain biodiversity. Because traveling is not at odds with respect for the environment, contributing to the carbon neutrality of one’s business trips is above all a civic act. Almost painless and at the same time engaging for the company, the contribution to carbon neutrality is an easy and concrete first step to reduce the environmental impact of your company . It is also an excellent way to improve your brand as an employer, when we know that 78% of employees say they are ready to stay in their company if it becomes more environmentally friendly.

Integrate carbon neutrality into your CSR approach

The new generation business travel agency

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