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Carbon neutrality objective for your business trips

Because travel is not incompatible with respect for the environment, contributing to carbon neutrality with regard to business travel is above all an act of citizenship. Almost painless and at the same time engaging for the company, this good practice is also an excellent way to improve its employer brand, when we know that 78% of employees say they would stay with their company if it was more committed to the environment. It is therefore leading to the strengthening of its corporate social responsibility strategy.

The contribution to carbon neutrality
integrated with corporate social responsibility


Contributing to carbon neutrality: why commit now?

Acting for carbon neutralityin the context of business travel means allowing business travelers to limit their carbon footprintfootprint, and for the economic players involved, it means seeing their CSR report report improve.

Above all, it is an excellent way to reduce its environmental impact in a social responsibility approachby participating in the financing of environmental projects located on French territory.

You are a company that has decided toto integrate environmental concerns in its development strategy? Do you want toact for the planetin a concrete way, while reducing costs in the long term?

Thanks to our partner program, our business travel agency accompany you in the sustainable reduction of your carbon footprint.

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A concrete impact on the carbon footprint of your business trips

With Supertripper, embody today the change at the scale of your company. Implementing eco-actions at work has never been easier! All companies that wish to commit to a csr approach and and prevent the risks of environmental impact of their activities, can do so by directly involving their stakeholders in concrete projects.

Accompanying companies to identify potential optimizations upstream or at the time of booking, in order to opt for the best sustainability choices, is one of our missions.

For large companies, as well as for many small and medium-sized businesses, business trips represent an extraordinary lever to develop their activity. Our experts in business travel are also at their side in terms of social responsibility to define, implement and monitor carbon reduction measures carbon reduction reduction measures.


Limiting one's carbon impact is first and foremost a civic act

Supertripper supports companies in their approach to sustainable development issues by allowing them to concretelyintegrate the notion of carbon neutrality into their travel strategy.

It could not be easier ! When setting up your company’s account on the Supertripper platform, all you have to do is choose to join our partner program whose objective is to finance projects in France, seeking to to limit global warming.

Companies and their stakeholders who choose to participate in the decarbonization of their activities directly related to their business travelalso have access to financial and non-financial information through detailed reports. They thus benefit from more visibility concerning all these actions intended to improve their CSR performanceemissions, and receive a monthly certificate attesting to their efforts on direct CO₂ emissions..

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Towards more carbon-neutral business travel:
improve your company's carbon footprint

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Validate your

Join our partner program at any time and contribute to societal and environmental issues. Discover its projects for the preservation of biodiversity in France, certified by a quality label. Once your account is set up, your carbon footprint is calculated monthly and your contribution is applied to your total bi-monthly bill.

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Contribute transparently

For each booking, a company like yours can easily act on the reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions; those related to the business travel of employees. Gain greater visibility with the dashboard and extra-financial reports detailing your efforts made to integrate environmental concerns and reduce CO₂ emissions.

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See your efforts

Receive your certificate each month to ensure the continuity of your CSR commitment to us. By participating in our partner program, donor companies limit their carbon footprint while complying with the ISO 26000 standard and anticipating legislative changes. ISO 26000:2010 represents guidelines to follow in order to implement a CSR strategy.

The Supertripper business travel agency supports your CSR strategy

At Supertripper, we believe that business travel should be as rewarding for the traveler as it is for the company, while contributing to changing social and environmental practices. The commitments we have made are in this direction: to be a more responsible company by getting involved in a concrete way for the Earth and its inhabitants. Supertripper chooses to act in favor of a sustainable development of companies: to promote low-carbon products and services, to try, as far as possible, to be carbon neutral, and to actively contribute to the deployment of a CSR approach within each company.

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Support in your carbon transition

Because it is not always easy to know where to start, our consultants and business travel experts will accompany you step by step in your desire to make the carbon transition. This approach is based as much on the use of data present in each extra-financial report available online, as on personalized recommendations. No more exorbitantly priced consulting firms!

From defining a greener travel policy to identifying relevant data, our team works to provide you with only the right recommendations for your size and culture.

Become the benchmark for sustainable business travel

While business travel is sometimes criticized for its ecological impact, we could not stand by and do nothing. Supertripper did not wait for the Paris climate agreement to take the lead and provide concrete and innovative solutions to help change mindsets in this industry. The protection of the environment is part of each of our actions.

Recycling, sorting garbage cans, reusable cutlery… We try as much as possible to match our words with our actions, and we are not content to just participate in sustainable development projects.

For the past three years, we have preferred to use trains rather than planes for all our employees’ trips within 4 hours of our headquarters in Paris.

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CSR policy: environmental impact
business tourism and business travel

rse emissions CO2 1

8% of gas emissions

of greenhouse gases in the world, that is what the tourism sector alone would represent.

Source: Nature climate change, 2019.

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+700 million

tCO₂eq per year come from business travel around the world each year.

Source: Purchasing Decision, 2019.

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33% of CO2 emissions

of companies are linked to professional travel: business trips, home-office trips…

Source: WWF, 2017.

Involve stakeholders in the company's social and environmental approach

Why and how to implement an environmental approach within your organization ?

Our partner program directly involves your employees in concrete actions in favor of the maintenance of biodiversity. Automated CSR reporting, available on the Supertripper platform, allows you to measure and track your CSR efforts because it is based on accurate quantitative data. In particular, it measures the amount of CO total issued by reservation type, reported on a traveler or company level. It also provides full visibility on the support provided to projects related to the partner program. It informs the teams of their essential role as an integral part of this contribution, and does so in a transparent manner.

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Small businesses are (also) concerned by the contribution to carbon neutrality

The mapping of environmental issues is no longer to be done. Today, it is not only publicly traded companies that are concerned by the preservation of the environment and its biodiversity. SMEs and VSEs can also have a significant impact on the objective of carbon neutrality by 2050. Optimizing business travel and its value chain to achieve carbon neutrality does not only mean respecting the criteria imposed in the calls for tender. Above all, it means providing concrete help by supporting numerous environmental projects on the French territorycertified and labeled. Where companies can really act in favor of the planet is by participating now in the financing of national projects on a human scale. Choosing the projects we want to support now also means anticipating future changes in CSR standards.

About carbon offsetting

The contribution to carbon neutrality aims to reduce the emissions of CO₂ emissions that impact the environment, and allows companies to reduce their environmental footprint by participating in the financing of projects to preserve the planet and its biodiversity.

The carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere that can be attributed to the activities of a person, company or country. It can be individual or collective and allows to measure the environmental impact of an action or a product.

The carbon footprint of a company is measured according to the method defined by Ademe, by calculating the CO₂ emissions related to its activities (production, transport, energy consumption, …). This provides a Bilan Carbone® and an estimate by weight of the amount of CO₂ emitted.

Establishing a Bilan Carbone® is mandatory, according to the environmental code, for :

  • companies with more than 500 employees in metropolitan France (250 employees overseas)
  • public establishments with more than 250 people
  • local authorities with more than 50,000 inhabitants
  • the French State

This calculation is an estimate (and not an exact figure) based on the criteria established by Ademe, taking into account the following parameters

  • the distance between the departure airport and the arrival airport
  • the presence or not of a stopover
  • a percentage increase (approximately 5%) added to the great circle distance, also called the “orthodromic distance”
  • a fixed quantity of kerosene required for take-off and landing
  • passenger class

From this data, a number is obtained corresponding to the amount of CO₂ emitted per flight, scaled to a passenger.

For companies, French law does not currently provide for tax deductions related to obtaining carbon credits or financing projects that contribute to carbon neutrality.

About the Supertripper Partner Program

Your company can join our carbon-neutral partner program at any time, and limit the carbon footprint of its business travel. A percentage is applied to the total amount of your bi-monthly bill to support sustainable development projects.

At the time of finalizing a reservation, a surcharge is applied to the amount. It is defined by our algorithm that prorates the amount of CO₂ emitted corresponding to this reservation. It also takes into account the percentage previously chosen by the company and the price per ton of CO₂.

Supertripper does not charge any service fees and gives the full amount to its partner.

The extra-financial analysis reports are a set of indicators that allow you to know the impact of your business travel on the environment. They help you to choose gentler modes of transportation for your next trip (taking the train instead of the plane for example).

For managers of small and medium-sized companies as well as for managers of large companies, the contribution to carbon neutrality is an easy and concrete first step to reduce the impact of their company’s activities and to engage their employees in a concrete CSR approach. By joining Supertripper, you can become an agent of change and support projects to preserve, reforest and maintain biodiversity in a simple and transparent way.

The impact of air travel is not the only one taken into account on our booking platform. In addition to jet fuel emissions for flights, you can view all CSR data related to your business travel. Each calculation represents an estimate and not an exact figure.

Our partner program contributes to the sustainable management of forests by financing projects to create carbon sinks in France.

New projects are regularly launched and the progress of the projects is available directly on our platform.

Integrate carbon neutrality into your CSR approach

The new generation business travel agency

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